105th Entry Association

At our 'first' reunion in 2003, we discussed forming a 105th Entry Association. I say 'first' reunion, because I now know there had been an earlier reunion, possibly around the time of the presentation of the new Queens Colour to RAF Halton. However, the Association wasn't actually started until we were raising funds for our Church Window. Ian Sloss, as our 'Senior' member was invited to be the Chairman and John Moody was asked to be the Treasurer. Unfortunately with Ian's passing in 2010, we are in need of a new Chairman. I'm sure John Moody can enlighten us as to who has been asked , but I seem to remember John (Taff) McCarthy's name being put in the frame.

All members of the 105th Entry at Graduation are members of the Association, and while there is no fixed subscription fee, any donations to the fund can be sent to John Moody, cheques should be made payable to "105th Entry Association". So far , we have raised the money for the Church window - (pictures can be found in the Gallery section of the website), and for the Entry paver at the NMA. We have also used the Association to make booking of hotels/dinners for reunions a lot easier with members sending their cheques to John, to enable the rather large deposits to be funded.